ClimateAi unveils ClimateLens Monitor Yield Outlook, an AI solution for climate-driven crop yield forecasting. 

Offers weekly yield outlooks from planting to harvest for key commodity crops like corn, soybeans, wheat. 

Provides insights into climate risk factors impacting yield, tailored by crop and region. 

Enables businesses to anticipate supply risks, optimize sourcing strategies, and mitigate disruptions. 

Sets new standard for accuracy, precision, and scale in quantifying climate impacts on agricultural yields. 

Proven success with global customers like Suntory, providing valuable insights for supply chain resilience. 

Empowers climate resilience by helping businesses adapt to escalating climate volatility and extreme weather. 

Fosters collaboration and industry leadership in standardizing climate risk assessments across supply chains. 

AI-driven yield forecasting safeguards farmer livelihoods and ensures a stable global food supply. 

ClimateAi's AI innovation paves the way for a more sustainable and resilient future for agriculture.